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From the starting May-2013 Windows Azure SQL Database Management functionality will be remove from old portal. To manage the SQL servers and database we need to use the new portal.

Windows Azure SQL Database Management


Kapil Waghe


Hello All,

Sometimes you may get this problem. This problem occurs due to the cookies and cache so just “Sign out” clear the Cookies and Cache of the browser and “Sign in”.

This will solve your problem.

Kapil Waghe


I am going to show you how to delete a asset from Azure Media Services.

Step 1 : Connect to media services context.

CloudMediaContext _context = new CloudMediaContext(_accountName, _accountKey);

Step 2 : Get the assest from the media context. We will pass the asset name to get and delete the asset.

string assetName = "myasset_mp4";

IAsset assetToDelete = GetAsset(assetName);

//Now delete the asset

// Verify asset deletion
if (GetAsset(asset.Name) == null)
Console.WriteLine("Deleted the Asset.");

Step 3 : GetAsset function.

private IAsset GetAsset(string assetName)
// LINQ Select query to get an asset.
var assetInstance =
from a in _context.Assets
where a.Name == assetName
select a;

// Reference the asset as an IAsset.
IAsset asset = assetInstance.FirstOrDefault();

return asset;